The customers who use our services are not only europeans. Lately, in fact, the Far East has been interested in and attentive to the Parisian real estate sector. A few weeks ago, we made a deal for a Japanese client who was looking for a prestigious apartment for his Tokyo company. A purchase that was part of a foreign investment perspective, considered more simple than in the United States.

Having established the search criteria and after a few visits, we found what the client was looking for and concluded the sale: a large apartment (about 140m2) and prestigious, located on the Quai des Célestins, overlooking the Ile St. Louis and precisely the Hotel Lambert. This detail made the difference in the choice, given the client’s interest in this building, whose history and architecture he knew and appreciated.

“I met Un Toit in Paris thanks to a friend and decided to use this service for an initial property purchase. Un Toit à Paris took care with competence and precision of all the administrative procedures, from the presentation of the buildings, to the assistance in the visits and the smallest details, such as the conclusion of gas and electricity contracts.
I have always been interested in the city and Parisian culture and in international investments. For this reason, I decided to buy an apartment in Paris. During this experience I had the opportunity to appreciate the warm welcome of the French, which moved me. At the same time, while I was comparing different properties, I had the opportunity to get to know Parisian life: it was a precious experience to be able to touch the lives of the inhabitants of Paris.”