Buying a flat is simple withUn Toit à Paris,
but everybody doesn’t know the steps how to find your dream apartment!

Finding your search criteria and opening your Dossier

What does it mean?

When looking for the apartment of your dreams, the first important step is to identify your needs and wishes. A quiet and peaceful residential area or a ‘trendy’ neighborhood full of restaurants and shops? A sublime apartment with a sky terrace, a typical Haussmann or contemporary apartment? And so on.

A detailed questionnaire will be proposed to knowing your demands.

Shall you decide your commitment, we will open a Dossier with a contract.

Our remuneration will be calculated on the basis of a percentage of the net price of the apartment, calculated between 2 and 4 % ( view our rates ), to pay once completed the acquisition.

Launching the search

Here we are!

The search begins and we will start taking appointments to visit the properties matching your search.
This phase requires a constant verification of the various means of research available to us: those of rare individuals, real estate agencies such as neighborhood, network and prestige ones, as well a field investigation.

Our responsiveness allows us to visit the apartments when the opportunity is presented, even for those off the market. This is mandatory in a dynamic Parisian trend, where the apartments can be sold just in a few hours…

Schedule of visits

We will keep you informed on the search progress.

Two possibilities are open to you :

• Either to plan in advance and group the visits over two or three days. A Schedule of visits will be established to maximize your time and be most effective during your stay.
• Either to be available and very reactive as soon as the rare gem presents itself.

Anyway, great responsiveness is mandatory.

Offer to purchase

Once the apartment is found, you must quickly make an offer. This is a letter of intent to purchase
with the proposed price and the period of validity: it becomes obsolete at the expiration of this date.
We will offer trading advice to help you reach an agreement. It should be noted that, in case of an offer at the price, the seller can’t refuse to accept it, unless if the offer comes in second place.

Once the offer accepted, you must consider a legal delay of about three months before having the keys of your future apartment

Verifications of the elements before the agreement to buy

This step could be difficult and confusing especially if you don’t speak french. In reality it is simply the analysis of all the elements concerning the apartment and the building.

We check for you the various technical reports, accounting and legal mandatory, enriched with historical and generals data, relating not only to the building but also the neighborhood.

Then we prepare a Report in your language, in order to move forward with tranquility to the Agreement to buy. Nowhere else you will find this.

Agreement to buy

A delay of about 30 days is expected for the preparation and signature of this important act : it is preferable that it be drawn up by a notary. If there is a problem, it will appear at this step. That’s the moment when the notary can give you the best advise ! Everything is written in this act, including suspensive condition, if it is necessary to included it.

The days preceding the signature, an immobilization compensation corresponding to 5-10% of the sale price, will have to be paid on the escrow account of the notary.

Warning ! Only once signed this document, the owner is engaged in the sale of the property, while the buyer will have a legal period of 10 days to retract from this commitment.

Deed of sale

That’s it! You need to prepare for a delay of about two months after the signing of the Agreement to buy, maybe more, if a bank loan is needed.

The deed of sale at the notary validates and records the buyer’s Agreement. Before the day of the signing of the deed, the balance of the remaining amount must be paid to the notary’s escrow account.
He will send to you a final detailed statement of the amount to be paid which includes the net price, agency fees and ‘notary fees’. These ones are about 7-8% of the net price of the apartment without the real estate agency commission. It includes publicity of landed property, registration and notary fees.

Household insurance is obligatory; the property ownership tax and condominium fees, calculated on a pro rata basis, will be paid to the seller the day of the signing.
At this moment, our commission will be settled.
If required, you can benefit from our best addresses to improve your new acquisition.

Et Voilà, keys are yours!