Finding a flat for a client is rarely easy: there are a thousand variables to take account and a little bit of luck to find the right apartment, adapted to customer requests.
Sometimes this relationship becomes particularly pleasant and the search amusing. Especially when the client is … an architect like me!
The complicity between us was obvious: the critical look and attention to detail that I love to put in all my research was not only understood but shared with Valentina.
I met Tiziana in the setting of the Place des Vosges one late summer day. It wasn’t the magic of the square who struck me – although I consider it the most beautiful square in the most beautiful city in the world – but Tiziana’s radiant and discreet immediacy that only a professional can transmit in a few minutes.
That professionalism, close to me for many aspect, was the key to express my desire to find a little nest on the roofs of the Marais; that nest, Tiziana captured in an unexpected flash, and only visiting it once. Sensitivity to interior decoration – being it my job as well – should have been the main element for the search, as well as the light – such a light flooding this little paradise.
Tiziana is nowadays a dear friend, who has demonstrated competence and resourcefulness, both rare and necessary to a purchaser not resident in Paris, as well as to being very organized and professional.
Thank you, Tiziana, for giving me such a French dream …

Valentina, architect