Those who consult our site and find themselves on our homepage will notice how the first photograph shows, in the background, the cathedral of Notre-Dame.

As you may know, on April 15, following a serious fire, part of the roof was damaged. The spire of Viollet Le Duc and “the Forest”, as this part of the roof was called, a masterpiece of medieval architecture and carpentry, were completely destroyed.
People who comes to Paris for a romantic weekend or for a period of study, those who decide to change their life and move here or those who were born here and have always lived there … all, at least once, have passed to pay tribute, to visit Notre-Dame. Some quickly, others taking the time to taste every single detail, others climbing on the towers to enjoy the view.

We have long thought about whether or not to leave this photograph, which so well represents the importance of this monument: not only a sacred place of worship, but also an architectural masterpiece, a symbol of Paris and all of France. On the contrary, perhaps it should be said, of the whole of Europe.

Finally, we decided to leave this image because the historical memory must be preserved and because, we are sure, Notre-Dame will be as beautiful as (and maybe more) before.


Photos réalisées par @arpenteur_de_paris de la terrasse de l’Institut du Monde Arabe ; photo de la charpente de la Cathédrale prise du site internet :